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Not everyone can find massive 50-pound gold nuggets, but there are countless reasons to give metal detecting a try. A great story inspired people to get the best metal detector and start hunting. In 2009, a man with a metal detector discovered the largest known Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard in a Staffordshire field. Metal detecting is a great hobby because you can spend quality time outside, hunt for treasures, and also learn more about local history.

Due to innovative technology used for creating the tool, this metal detector both functions and looks like a professional equipment. Expanded Target ID Legend: this is an easy to read panel above the display screen on the device. However, it is possible to get a professional-grade metal detector for beginners – all models from my rating list are pretty good, so you can safely choose one of them.

It also lets you find the exact position of the target with its pinpoint function. That is, the closer you’re to your target, the higher the volume of the beeping tone and the more tilted will be the pointer towards the extreme right. Belying the meager price tag of this model is its sensitivity function which relies on a combo of volume and pointer movement. Of all the metal detectors that we have reviewed thus far, this one is certainly the most inexpensive.

This goes back to what I mentioned earlier in this article about minerals and iron in the ground. I use the notch out feature when I have very limited time, and I don’t want to waste it digging up foil and pull tabs. The search coil might be submersible but not the control box or the stock headphones, and if you accidentally drop them into the water, you could ruin your gear in a flash.

As a result, it remains effective for a long period of time without any issues or complaints. It still can scan smaller objects up to 5 inches deep and bigger objects up to 3 inches deep which make it handy for finding lost coins, jewelry and other metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc.

Using a beginner metal detector in salt water is usually not a good idea. However, if you think you might be taking your metal detector onto rough terrain, then you’ll want to seek a beginners model that comes with a protective cover for the coil or else, you’ll want to buy a separate protective cover to prevent your product from being damaged by the terrain. If you take a regular beginner metal detector to the beach, you will likely end up with many false signals due to the mineralization of the water.

America has been a fan of gold prospecting ever since James Marshall discovered gold in the American River in 1848. For the price, we can’t believe how well this detector works on the go beach. check Note: If you want to learn more about Fisher metal detectors, click here. Detection range is up to 5 inches for coin-sized objects and 3 inches for larger metal items.

This can be a grand way to test a particular model of metal detector you are interested in before you commit to buy a detector. Seldom they loan these out for a weekend to a consumer who is considering a purchase to give them a chance to see how a unit works and if it’s right for them before they buy a metal detector. We know that at the beginning level or if you are a hobbyist then it might be a problem for you to buy a high-level metal detector or invest thousands of dollars.

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